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Online tax preparation

It’s tax time. Filing a tax return is time-consuming and can be expensive, but it is also essential. Need a cheaper, more convenient way to get your taxes completed accurately with the best refund? Try an online tax software package that helps you handle the complexities of the system.

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Online tax preparation comparison chart for 2024

Rank 1 2 3 4 5
H&R Block
eSmart Tax Premium
Five stars means excellent
Very good
Four stars means very good
Three stars means good
Two stars means average /
One star means poor
TurboTax has been awarded best buy Product image of turbotax Product image of taxact Product image of taxslayer Product image of h&r block Product image of esmart tax premium
turbotax has a rating of one  overall taxact has a rating of one  overall taxslayer has a rating of one  overall h&r block has a rating of one  overall esmart tax premium has a rating of one  overall
Free version
turbotax  free version taxact  free version taxslayer  free version h&r block  free version esmart tax premium  free version
turbotax  basic taxact  basic taxslayer  basic h&r block  basic esmart tax premium  basic
turbotax  deluxe taxact  deluxe taxslayer  deluxe h&r block  deluxe esmart tax premium  deluxe
turbotax  premium/ultimate taxact  premium/ultimate taxslayer  premium/ultimate h&r block  premium/ultimate esmart tax premium  premium/ultimate
Tax situations supported
Home owners
turbotax  home owners taxact  home owners taxslayer  home owners h&r block  home owners esmart tax premium  home owners
Stock investors
turbotax  stock investors taxact  stock investors taxslayer  stock investors h&r block  stock investors esmart tax premium  stock investors
turbotax  business taxact  business taxslayer  business h&r block  business esmart tax premium  business
Tax return accuracy
turbotax  tax return accuracy taxact  tax return accuracy taxslayer  tax return accuracy h&r block  tax return accuracy esmart tax premium  tax return accuracy
Life events questions
turbotax  life events questions taxact  life events questions taxslayer  life events questions h&r block  life events questions esmart tax premium  life events questions
Error check & alert
turbotax  error check & alert taxact  error check & alert taxslayer  error check & alert h&r block  error check & alert esmart tax premium  error check & alert
Tax calculator
turbotax  tax calculator taxact  tax calculator taxslayer  tax calculator h&r block  tax calculator esmart tax premium  tax calculator
Accuracy guarantee
turbotax  accuracy guarantee taxact  accuracy guarantee taxslayer  accuracy guarantee h&r block  accuracy guarantee esmart tax premium  accuracy guarantee
Deduct fees from refund
turbotax  deduct fees from refund taxact  deduct fees from refund taxslayer  deduct fees from refund h&r block  deduct fees from refund esmart tax premium  deduct fees from refund
turbotax  check taxact  check taxslayer  check h&r block  check esmart tax premium  check
Direct deposit refund
turbotax  direct deposit refund taxact  direct deposit refund taxslayer  direct deposit refund h&r block  direct deposit refund esmart tax premium  direct deposit refund
Ease of use
Supported tax years (back to)
turbotax  supported tax years (back to) taxact  supported tax years (back to) taxslayer  supported tax years (back to) h&r block  supported tax years (back to) esmart tax premium  supported tax years (back to)
Mobile app
turbotax  mobile app taxact  mobile app taxslayer  mobile app h&r block  mobile app esmart tax premium  mobile app
Tablet app
turbotax  tablet app taxact  tablet app taxslayer  tablet app h&r block  tablet app esmart tax premium  tablet app
Android app
turbotax  android app taxact  android app taxslayer  android app h&r block  android app esmart tax premium  android app
Import from other sites
turbotax  import from other sites taxact  import from other sites taxslayer  import from other sites h&r block  import from other sites esmart tax premium  import from other sites
Help & support
Phone support
turbotax  phone support taxact  phone support taxslayer  phone support h&r block  phone support esmart tax premium  phone support
Email support
turbotax  email support taxact  email support taxslayer  email support h&r block  email support esmart tax premium  email support
Live chat
turbotax  live chat taxact  live chat taxslayer  live chat h&r block  live chat esmart tax premium  live chat
Audit support
turbotax  audit support taxact  audit support taxslayer  audit support h&r block  audit support esmart tax premium  audit support
Professional tax consulting
turbotax  professional tax consulting taxact  professional tax consulting taxslayer  professional tax consulting h&r block  professional tax consulting esmart tax premium  professional tax consulting

Online tax preparation explained

Getting a tax return ready always used to be something for a professional to take care of, or something you did without full understanding. What many people don’t know is you can now file a simple tax return online - for free or for a relatively low amount. The Internal Revenue Service prefers e-filing and online tax preparation sites help you collect together and submit the relevant information online.

Online tax software sites work in a similar way by asking for the information you need to complete the relevant forms and schedules. But they streamline and simplify the process – you don’t actually fill out the forms directly and you never see any of the official documents until right at the end. Instead you answer questions just as you would during an in-person interview. You put your responses in the correct fields and this information is used by the software to populate the forms.

In this way, online tax preparation forms are more accessible, easy to understand, and less stressful to fill out than the official set of paperwork. The wizard-like format is simple to use to get the results you need. You don’t need to understand how each aspect of your financial and home life affects your taxes, and you don’t need to understand tax jargon; you simply need to answer the questions.

If you get stuck, or need extra assistance, pop-up windows appear with links to help topics, or you can look through answers to common questions in the help section of the software. If you miss out an answer or section, an alert pops up. Some tax preparation tools don’t allow you to progress if sections are missing. Professional online tax software solutions are completely secure so that you can upload and input personal and financial information with confidence. Bank-level SSL encryption is standard when sending information online and e-filing. You also get a rundown of who accessed your account and when, so you see if there has been any suspicious activity.

If you file late, you are more at risk of an identity thief taking your information and filing on your behalf, collecting your refund before you get your real forms in. The best online tax software should be fully ramped up in terms of security, so your personal information is as tough as possible for criminals to access – at any point in the tax cycle.

Extra features that help you with the entire tax process include integrated audit support, the ability to import tax information from previous years or from competitor products, and extra information on health insurance as it affects your taxes.

What to look for in online tax preparation

What are the benefits of completing your tax return online over visiting a tax preparation specialist in person, or doing it yourself with a good old-fashioned pen and paper?

Compared to visiting a tax expert in person, it is significantly cheaper to file a form 1040EZ or 1040A online – in many cases it is actually free. It is also more convenient to complete your taxes online without the need for an office visit. Online tax software is easier to understand than IRS documentation, and the interface is easier to use. When choosing tax return software, here’s what you should be looking for.

Comprehensive and Tailored Tax Products

If you have only simply tax needs you will want to seek out one of the free versions of the online tax software programs. All the big players offer a basic free version of the software for filing forms 1040EZ and 1040A. In some cases, the state filing is also free, although you will normally pay extra per state.

For more complex tax needs, choose a service that provides the forms for rental property, investments, or small business, depending on your family circumstances. The good tax software packages help you choose which version is best for your needs – you tick boxes answering questions about your personal circumstances such as marital status, children etc., and the program leads you to the right product. Check that the forms and scheduling you need are included before you sign up for a particular product, as not every tax software package covers everything.

Integrated Mobile Apps

More and more people are completing their taxes in spare moments and in short bursts. It’s useful to have a linked mobile app to continue filling out your tax return or adding extra details wherever you are. An effective tax app replicates the features of the PC version and provides a seamless transition between platforms. Some tax software allows you to file on a mobile device while others only give you supplementary tax tools and information so check what kind of package you get before you sign up. A useful tool is the ability to take a photo of your W-2, upload it, and the data is automatically populated into the forms.

Robust Security

In terms of security features, many online tax software packages only allow you to enter your account with a single-use code or password that is sent to your phone or email. Some apps work with fingerprint passcodes if the Smartphone allows for this technology, which provides an extra layer of security.

Extra Features

Extra features that are useful additions to a tax preparation program include free audit support. If you do happen to be audited at any point during the year, many tax preparation companies include audit support within the package, helping you during the investigation.

You can also look for the ability to import data from past years’ tax returns. This feature is often available in the paid-for versions of the tax software and makes it easier to complete simple returns where nothing much has changed from year to year.

Ease of Use

The best tax preparation software provides a guided interview with a conversational, positive tone. The language is easy to understand and you are taken logically through a set of questions and fill-out boxes so the end result is all the information needed, in the right places. Good online tax sites are very easy to use, even when you have no idea about tax lingo or financial matters. The best software makes it simple to get the best refund and the most accurate return, without any prior tax knowledge.

While each tax preparation site has its own look they all use a similar process where you answer questions and fill out information in order to fill out the forms “behind the scenes”. The route you take will be different with each product, but the end destination should be the same.

Some tax preparation programs are more restrictive than others in terms of not allowing you to advance to the next section without fully completing the first – this safety feature minimizes the risk of mistakes and omitted details. Other programs let you move around to different points in the interview, bookmark places, return, and fill out the questions in the order you prefer. In general, the first style is better for the complete beginner and when you are more experienced you’ll probably appreciate the second option more.

Help & Support

Excellent tax software also provides excellent customer support, in the form of live chat, help from certified experts, phone support, email support, and/ or access to a comprehensive knowledge base and forums.

The best online tax software should help the person using the product, regardless whether he or she has any tax knowledge or experience. It should help the individual complete the forms correctly, and end up with the most accurate return.



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