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AceMoney Review

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: MechCAD Software
Overall rating:
Price: Visit website

Review summary

Good points

 Manage multiple accounts

 Multiple currencies

 Decent range of reports

 Simple to use for beginners

Bad points

 No free mobile app

 Cannot pay bills online

 Limited customer support

Our verdict

AceMoney is simple to use and easy to set up. We like the way you can track your spending habits, manage multiple accounts, and record your expenses. But with a lack of any other features, including a lack of an integrated free mobile app, this product does not make the top of the list.

Full review

AceMoney is created by MechCAD Software, one of the leaders in specialist personal finance software and engineering software products. AceMoney is available at a one-off download fee of $39.99, one of the cheapest products on offer. It is suitable for Windows and Mac, and there is a 30-day free trial so you can try it out before you commit. We looked at the features to see how it stacks up against the competition.


Start the process of working with AceMoney by setting up your multiple accounts to manage. You can set up checking, savings, loans, debt, and credit card accounts to form the backdrop to your personal finances management program. If you need to, you can create your own custom account type. You can configure the software to link directly with your bank accounts and to automatically download your transactions into AceMoney. Once in AceMoney you categorize them and your balance is updated depending on how much money you spent. The system remembers frequently entered payees as well as transactions and regular categories, which makes it easier to add transactions and to keep them organized. it is a very well organized system overall, and a good program if you have a large volume of transactions to manage.

You cannot pay bills online, however, and you can’t set up regular outgoing transactions.

AceMoney also works with investment accounts and stock prices are automatically downloaded from the internet so you can track your activities and have a record of stock price over time. You can view information about your investment accounts in the form of graphs and charts, but you can’t track commission or fees.


When you set up a budget you can choose from over 100 different pre-set categories for expenses from food to entertainment, rent to clothes. Once you have started entering spending against categories you will be able to see how you are doing against your projected spending limits.

Where the budgeting features fall down, however, is that you cannot roll over a balance from month to month, or have alerts sent to you when you go over a budget limit.


Use the reports feature in AceMoney to put together simple reports for finding out where you spent your money, configuring the reports by categories or payee or payer. Choose from reports like net worth, cash flow, and spending divided by category or date. All the parameters are configurable and you can view the reports in a variety of ways including charts and bar charts.

Mobile app

Unfortunately AceMoney does not, as yet, have a free integrated mobile app. This is a serious downside to the software as many people find the means of entering transactions on the go to be invaluable. The AceMoney developers are working on the app, so it could be in the pipeline soon.


AceMoney uses secure SSL technology to encrypt data and it is a robust package since you do not supply bank account details to the program. No password protect features.

Help & Support

If you have a question about AceMoney or need technical support, you can get it by sending a request through the support section on the website. You'll have to wait one or two business days for a response. The FAQs on the website are useful, and there is a reasonably active users group online where you can post queries or comments.


AceMoney is an easy system to use but it lacks the depth of features that other software programs provide. If you are looking for a cheap product for managing simple accounts, this could do the job. But without an integrated mobile app, it’s definitely lacking what other products provide.

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