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Pinterest Review

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: Pinterest
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Price: Free

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Bad points

 Sign-up can be a hassle

 Won't appeal to everyone

Our verdict

Pinterest is a fun, addictive website to share and find more about your passions and interests. It is no way a full blown social media site, but that isn't it's purpose. It's simplicity is what makes it so appealing to the casual computer user, and the site is clearly geared towards them.

Full review

Pinterest has come out of nowhere to become an extremely popular website. It allows people to share or “pin” images or videos for their followers to see. People can share things like funny pictures, food recipes, or anything else. Pins are pinned to a “Board”, which is pretty much a category of pins like Sports or Favorite Places. It sounds simple enough, but is it worth using?


Signing up for Pinterest can be a hassle for some. In order to become a member of Pinterest, you have to request an invite. This means you give your email address and then you are put on a waiting list. It could take weeks for you to get access. However, if someone you know sends you an invite through email, you can sign up almost immediately.

Your profile will contain a photo of yourself with a quick description next to it and your boards underneath. People will also be able to view your Pins, Likes, Recent activity, Followers, and people you follow. Pinterest keeps personal information to a minimum, unlike some other sites.


After your profile is all set up, you can start pinning images and videos from websites. To pin images you just need the “Pin It” button in your bookmarks which they give you right away. When you pin something, all of your followers will see it on their homepage and you will see other people's pins on yours.

Pins can be commented on or even “liked”. So if you have something to say about somebody's pin, you can let your voice be heard. If you just want to let them know you enjoy it, just give it a like. If you see something you like pinned by somebody else and want to add it to one of your boards, all you have to do is click “Repin” and it's now yours to share.

Pinterest is a great place to share interesting ideas and products with people in your areas of interests. So if you're cook, you can share all of your recipes or even find new ones. Pinterest has tons of different categories and there is guaranteed to be something you'd like to share or see more of.


With Pinterest being so simple, there aren't any features like the the ability to chat with friends through a messenger or video. Pinterest can be linked with Facebook or Twitter, so you can easily find friends and family member if you want to share you pins with them. There is also a mobile app available, which is great to have on a phone with it being so simple.

Security & privacy

Pinterest doesn't demand any personal information other than your name and email address. Your email address isn't shared publicly. You even have the option of making your profile invisible to search engines.


Searching for specific pins is easy. There is a search box in the top left corner that will bring you to a list of pins that match your keywords. Also, there are tons of categories you can search through to find new and exciting ideas, products, or anything else.

Finding friends to follow is also made simple with Pinterest. You can search through your Facebook friends who also have a Pinterest account or you can use your Gmail and Yahoo Mail contacts.

Ease of use

Perhaps the best part of Pinterest is how easy it is to use. You simply find something you like on the web and click the “Pin It” button. You will rarely even have to leave Pinterest to find things to pin because repinning is fun enough.

Help & support

Pinterest offers tons of tutorials and support topics for any problems or help a person needs. If an answer still can't be found, a support ticket can be submitted and a solution will be given through email.


Pinterest is a unique and fun to use website. Casual computer users will likely enjoy Pinterest more than others, while advanced users may not really understand the fun behind it. It tries to be as simple as possible, and it definitely succeeds.

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