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G Data Total Security Review

G Data Total Security

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: G Data Software
Ranked: 3rd
Overall rating:
Price: $69.95 $49.95 - $20 off

Review summary

Good points

 Powerful DeepRay machine learning technology

 BankGuard banking transactions protection

 Comprehensive antivirus software tool

 Numerous new version updates

 Easy to install and use

Bad points

 Lacks a centralized management

 No online back up

 Missing Identity protections start up manager and file encryption

 Brief product features

 No online support for faster client support

Our verdict

G DATA Total Security is a high-end malware protection and detection against all major computer risks. It has great repair ability as well as data protection. It has the best cover for in Firewall, spam, spyware, virus and hacking. Its exceptional parental controls, identity theft protection, PC tune up and back up tools are commendable. It is dependable and predictable since you can check the hourly updates and image back up.

Full review

G DATA Total Security is an award winning protection against malware. It has great features, security, backup, scans, identity thefts, and PC tune-up tools. It has features for modern mobile smart phone protection coupled with laptop mode and gamer mode. With its up to date features, you can enjoy malware protection on all your mobile computer gadgets. It also provides features for private browsing and log files. It has a PC tune-up tools, automatic backup, mobile phone protection and a file shredder.


The software has a simple set up that is free from installation problems. It has free downloads online with a fast process. By a simple click on the right button, you get an amazing detector for your computer.


Anti-virus - It has DoubleScan technology and OutbreakShield for quick and effective detection of virus infections. These give it a commendably fast response system that ensures speedy downloads for your data, safely. The on-access scans, scheduled scans and deep scan give a total clean up. For secure transfers and external back ups, G DATA Total Security is well designed. Its system of detection gives it premium characters making it the best detector. It has reliable protection for Firewall, plus parental controls for web browsing.

Firewall - Protects from intrusion of detection with its smooth firewall operations-This has numerous configurations that are convenient for most applications required. As IT technology advances, new threats and malware challenges arise. G DATA Total Security has modern tools to tackle recent virus, spyware, and worm threats. Its Total security details offer all the necessary cover for basic and advanced protections against modern dangers.

Parental controls - Essentially meets your family needs of parental controls for websites and internet communication. Also caters for exceptional features of video monitoring for effective controls.


[Awaiting update: January 2023].

Identity theft

To prevent identity theft, it has a good password manager, password generator, file encryption, file shredder, and website authentification. With a reliable back up tool, it ensures safety from hackers through total security. With G DATA Total Security, you can control access to your hard drive effectively. This protection applies to both data and internet communications.

PC Tuneup

It’s complete with premium PC Tune-up tools namely; registry cleaner, disk defragmenter, diagnostic report and start up manager. This enables it to diagnose a variety of issues for dynamic protection.


[Awaiting update: January 2023].

Ease of use

It works well with major operating systems like Windows 11, 10, 8.1, and 7. As an improvement from its previous versions, it has improved ability to suit new challenges posed by computer threats. By making it easy for you to scan crucial data in your computer, it makes it easy for you to detect malware and to protect the system totally.

Help & support

The software customer support is available on a 24/7 basis with telephone, Live chat, manual, knowledge base, forum, and email contacts. Its reliable performance gives guarantee with trial versions for new users.


This is a credible virus protection with the best detection technology. It is efficient for both home and business use. Although it is incomplete in premium options, it provides total security for convenient data protection and internet connections. For the best reliable anti virus, spyware, spam, and back up tools, G DATA Total Security is comprehensive. It is highly rated and comprehensive software virus detection. It provides the best option from previous tools.

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