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Trend Micro Maximum Security

Trend Micro Maximum Security Review

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: Trend Micro
Overall rating:
Price: $89.95 $39.95 - $50 off

Review summary

Good points

 Easy to Install

 Variety of system tools

 Less expensive than other brands

 Help and Support Features

Bad points

 Still on the pricey side

 Lacking some system backup tools

Our verdict

Trend Micro Maximum Security has all of the same features as many of the other heavy hitters in the world of antivirus protection. Yes, it still does cost a bit more than other options, but for all the features you receive, it is all worth the price you pay.

Full review

Trend Micro Maximum Security is one of the new players on the antivirus market and there are many features to look forward to while using the programming.


The Trend Micro Maximum Security program is incredibly easy to install as you basically just insert the software installation disc and follow the prompts until the entire program has installed onto the computer. It does provide some of the very best content features, including a system backup, identity theft blocker, and an integrated help and support system, which you are able to connect to, should you run into problems while using the software. You don't need a large amount of available resources, just a few hundred megabytes, and most likely you have this available. Not to mention, the software is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7.


Trend Micro Maximum Security offers some of the very best in protection. With Trend Micro Maximum Security, the software is able to block against viruses, spyware, spam, phishing files, not to mention it has a built in firewall to block out other unwanted material. There are parental controls, so if there are specific websites or kinds of sites you don’t want a child to see it is possible to block it out.

Anti-virus - The Antivirus feature on Trend Micro Maximum Security is constantly updated, so when the service department has a new update to block out potential threats the update is made available to you, allowing you to further protect the computer from viruses, spam, spyware and other phishing files.

Firewall - The firewall is able more sophisticated then the one that comes installed on the Windows computer, as it is able to block out more threats and websites than what the Windows counterpart is capable of doing.

Parental controls - When a child uses the computer, it is important to block them away from any undesirable content. With the parental control feature, you are able to not only block specific websites, but you can target sites that contain specific words, images or other content, in order to best keep your child safe while using the Internet.


With the backup feature of Trend Micro Maximum Security, you are able to duplicate just about any file stored on the computer. This easy ensures you can backup important files from the current hard drive onto a external hard drive or other storage device, in order to save the files, just in case of a system crash.

Identity theft

Identity theft is a real issue while surfing the Internet, so it is important to have powerful protection features against it.

Password manager/creator - Trend Micro Maximum Security has a password manager to block out requiring you to constantly type it in, which is valuable just in case the is a key stroke log installed on a particular website you are visiting. The software even provides a password generator, ensuring you have a new password every week making it incredibly difficult for anyone to actually steal your information.

File encryption/shredding - As a precautionary measure, Trend Micro Maximum Security also provides you with the ability to encrypt particular files on the hard drive, or even completely shred the files, should you no longer have any need for the content.

PC Tuneup

A few tune up features for Trend Micro Maximum Security includes a registry cleaner. This removes unnecessary files you no longer need in the registry, such as files from programs and hardware that have been removed from the computer. Cleaning up the registry speeds up the boot and startup process of the Windows computer. The software defrags your hard drive, so the speed of file retrieval is increased, and should you ever run into problems, a diagnostic report shows what might be causing issues with the drive and operating system.


Alerts - Trend Micro automatically informs you of when a virus has attempted to attack your system and how it was able to prevent it.

Updates - Trend Micro provides realtime updates, so when a new threat is detected on the Internet, an update is provided for you and your system.

East of use

Trend Micro Maximum Security is an incredibly easy to use program that does most of the work itself, by scanning your computer in real time. On top of this, you just need to select the designated images when the program is activated in order to access different features such as the system backup and PC Tuneup options.

Help & support

If there are ever times you have trouble with Trend Micro Maximum Security, the help and support options ensure you always have somewhere to turn. There is every kind of access available to you, including telephone support, email support, a built in manual to the program, live chat if you want to talk to someone but don’t want to stay on hold with a television. A knowledge base and FAQ section answer common questions, while the built in forum allows you to post a question and have other users answer the question for you, which is nice, should some of the other users have experience with the same situation. Regardless of the problem you are having with the Trend Micro Maximum Security software, it is possible to troubleshoot and figure it out.


Trend Micro Maximum Security offers some of the very same features as the more expensive antivirus options, plus it keeps you safe in real time, without you having to perform many tasks on your own. The software does still cost more than most options, but for peace of mind with your computer system, this is an excellent option.

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