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DymaxIO Review

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: Condusiv Technologies Corporation
Overall rating:
Price: $29.95

Review summary

Good points

 Actively prevents disk fragmentation

 Visibly increases disk performance

 Provides incredibly quick optimizations

Bad points

 The software's dashboard is a little too cramped & complicated

Our verdict

DymaxIO is an excellent disk-defragmentation utility. Not only does effectively defragment hard drives, it works in an active, automatic manner to keep system performance optimized at all times.

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DymaxIO is compatible with all recent versions of Windows including Windows 11. Also, since it requires less than 250MB of hard-drive space, most users should have no problems getting this software installed. On our system which runs a 64-bit version of Windows 10, Diskeeper Home managed to install in under 5 minutes. Once installed, we decided to get started by defragmenting one of our hard-drive partitions.


The initial defragmentation took less than 15 minutes to complete, which was surprising to us. We were surprised because Diskeeper Home managed to defragment one of our hard-drive partitions much faster than the disk-defragmentation utility included with the Windows operating system.

In addition to featuring the ability to manually start a defragmentation scan, Diskeeper Home comes with an incredibly useful tool that automatically prevents storage space from being used in a jumbled, inefficient manner. Dubbed 'IntelliWrite' by the Diskeeper Corporation, this new addition to Diskeeper Home manages to keep hard-drives from becoming fragmented. It does this by ensuring that new data is written to the hard drive in a side-by-side fashion. According to the Diskeeper Corporation, IntelliWrite prevents and resolves nearly 85% of hard-drive fragmentation. While we are unable to determine exactly how much hard-drive fragmentation this feature is able to fix and prevent, we certainly did notice a difference in the speed of data retrieval and the overall speed of our system.

Diskeeper Home also allows users to continuously defragment their hard drives in the background without hogging resources and causing sluggish performance. This feature is excellent because it keeps hard drives operating at the highest speed possible.

One other excellent inclusion in Diskeeper Home is its startup-defragmentation routine. This defragmentation routine is performed by Diskeeper during the startup process. This means that any files locked by the operating system following startup can be fully defragmented.


After several days of running Diskeeper Home, we really did start to notice a big difference in our system's performance. Not only was it easier to perform day-to-day tasks, such as web browsing, on our system because of its newfound reliability, it was far more enjoyable thanks to a noticeable increase in responsiveness. Opening video files was noticeably faster, and the occasional lag that we had experienced in playback before was no longer an issue.


While the increase in performance that Diskeeper Home provides is certainly noticeable, this software includes a reporting feature that tracks and displays exactly how much of a difference regular disk-defragmentation has on systems. This reporting feature tracks a variety of data, including I/Os saved, improvements to read-and-write time, fragmentation prevention, defragmentation information, and more.


Report logs – Diskeeper Home saves reports for later viewing, and it can even compare reports so that users are able to see exactly how well the software's various defragmentation functions have performed.

Ease of use

The interface can be pretty daunting for first-time users. The data presented to users in the dashboard, for instance, is cluttered and full of information that will probably confuse and intimidate novices. Other than a few interface issues, however, Diskeeper Home is fairly easy to configure and use. With a little patience, most users should have only minor issues using this software. In fact, during our testing, we only encountered one issue: After we uninstalled it, we found entries to the registry that had not been removed properly, which was really nothing more than a minor inconvenience.

Help & support

Condusiv offers multiple forms of support, including a guide, an FAQ, access to updates, and more. For extra support, customers of Diskeeper Home can send their technical inquiries to support staff via e-mail.


Some computer users wonder how much difference disk fragmentation actually makes when it comes to performance. While using DymaxIO, we experienced a very noticeable difference in our system's performance, and we really did not encounter many issues. Furthermore, the fact that Microsoft includes a similar utility with Windows is a clear indicator of the usefulness of disk-defragmentation tools. Users looking for an easy way to boost their systems' performance will be quite happy with this software.

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