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Systweak Disk SpeedUp

Systweak Disk SpeedUp Review

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: Systweak
Overall rating:
Price: $39.95

Review summary

Good points

 Effective defragmentation

 Comes packed with tools that clean junk files, fix disk errors, and more

 Easy to use with it's simple and attractive interface

 Excellent customer support

Bad points

 No real-time defragmentation option

 Extremely limited free trial

Our verdict

Systweak's Disk SpeedUp is an effective program to help organize your PC's data and speed up your system. It's not the fastest out there for defragmentation, it does come packed with a couple extras which make it stand out. It's also very easy to use. It's a solid value and is definitely an option to consider if you're in the market to speed up your hard drive. Give this one your attention.

Full review


Disk SpeedUp has a quick and easy installation. After purchasing a subscription at $29.99/year, download the setup file from and run it on your PC. You can also opt to try out trial version before opening their wallets. The installation is super quick and can even take under one minute to complete. Other than entering your product key, no other setup is required after the installation is complete.


Disk SpeedUp makes defragmenting any hard drive an easy task. The main screen contains a drop-down menu which contains all hard drives and partitions attached to your system. Simply select the drive or partition you wish to check and click scan. After a quick scan the program will alert the users as to whether or not the drive requires a tune-up. If you haven't defragmented your hard drive in some time, you will most likely need to. After the scan is complete, you can jump right into the defragmentation with the push of a button. Disk SpeedUp makes the process extremely simple for anyone.


Most users will certainly notice a a difference in performance after running their first defragmentation. The entire process may take a little longer than some other top programs with Disk SpeedUp, but it definitely gets the job done in a reasonable amount of time. The program should be capable of handling any users needs. If you're in dire need of a tune-up, Disk SpeedUp should get you up to speed.


After performing an initial scan of your hard drive, Disk SpeedUp will give a brief report of the amount of fragmentation found, amount of non-optimized files, largest continuous free space, and more. You also have the option of accessing a detailed report which contains information the average user will never need to know. Prior to performing a scan, you will receive a similar report with statistics of how much data was defragmented and more.


System cleaner – Disk SpeedUp comes packed with this useful feature that will clear hard drives of unnecessary data to help further improve performance.

Disk tools – Scan your hard drive for for any errors which will be automatically corrected if found. You can also view some some benchmark scores for your hard drives.

Scheduler – Allow the program to automatically to scan for and fix errors and specific times or once every period of time.

Ease of use

Disk SpeedUp should be a simple task for users of all levels. It's main features take only one click to get started which makes it easy for those who need simplicity. Advanced tools hidden within the program menus may be a little harder to find, so there might be a tiny learning curve with those features. The software sports an attractive and simple interface.

Help & support

Systweak has a solid offering of help and support options. They offer 24/7 phone support, live-chat support and email support. We tested out their live-chat support and it took about 2 minutes to get a response. Considering many similar products don't even offer live-chat help, this isn't bad. If you're a person who often finds themselves in need of some help, this might be the product for you.


Systweak Disk SpeedUp is a quality program overall and is one you should definitely consider. It does it's job very well and even throws in a few extras. If you're looking for the best performance in terms of defragmentation, you may want to try out some other products first. With that said, you won't be disappointed if you end up purchasing Systweak's Disk SpeedUp.

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