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FarStone TotalRecovery Pro 10

FarStone TotalRecovery Pro 10 Review

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: FarStone
Overall rating:
Price: $39.95

Review summary

Good points

 Easy to use because of its simplicity and organization

 Error-free and efficient imaging

 Packed with useful extras like drive cloning and open-file backup

Bad points

 Lacking multiple customer support options

Our verdict

Overall FarStone Total Recovery Pro 10 is a feature packed, reliable and efficient software package. Considering its reliability and features, you won’t find a much better value at $39.95. If you’re looking for an easy to use disk imaging program with a few extras, look no further than Total Recovery Pro 10.

Full review


The setup for Total Recovery Pro was quick and painless. After purchasing the product, just download the setup file and launch it on your system. You can also choose to receive a hard copy of the software, but that will set you back an extra $9.99. After launching the setup file, you will then be taken though a very simple setup wizard and agreement page. The setup process for this product will take longer than similar programs, mainly because downloading the setup file takes a good while due to its large size. Once you’re done with the simple setup process, you will be welcomed to Total Recovery Pro’s attractive, sleek interface.


You won’t find a program that has a simpler backup process than Total Recovery Pro. Simply choose the disk/files you want backed up and then alter basic settings like destination, scheduling, and more. There are also advanced options which are explained in detail. Total Recovery Pro can utilize full, differential, and incremental backups.

Users are also able to easily clone their existing hard drive onto another using the Clone Drive feature. This process was error free in our tests and was done surprisingly fast for such a large process. If you’re going to be upgrading to a new computer or hard drive, this feature will certainly come in handy.


Restoring files is just as easy as backing them up. You can restore entire hard drives or individual files. Simply find the backup image you are looking for and select what you want restored. In our tests, restores were error-free and were completed in a reasonable amount of time. If you’re ever in need of an emergency restoration, you can count on Total Recovery Pro to get the job done.


In terms of speed and reliability, Total Recovery Pro is rock-solid. There were no errors in any of our tests and backups performed swiftly. There was rarely a time when our system would slow down during the backup process. Lower-end PC’s may want to give the trial version a shot before purchasing this product. It’s always a good idea to see how your system will handle new software.


One-click backups – After altering default settings, users from then on can back up hard drives with one click.

File encryption – Encrypt valuable data with 256-bit protection to prevent unwanted access to backed-up files.

Create bootable media – Total Recovery Pro supports rescue media creation. This will be a life saver if your operating system crashes.

Scheduling – Scheduling allows you to set specific times for a backup to be performed automatically. There will be no need to lift a finger after settings up a backup schedule.

Ease of use

Total Recovery Pro will be a treat for any beginner to disk-imaging software. The menu is easy to navigate and the customization options couldn’t be easier to adjust. Everything is straightforward, and as long as you know your basic computer terms, this program shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Help & support

Customer support is almost non-existent through the FarStone website. There are no options for telephone or live-chat support, but there are support tickets. The site claims a response will be given within two business days after a support ticket is submitted. Many similar programs also seem to have this kind of problem with customer support, but at least support is free for this product. Other disk imaging companies ask for a fee for help and support. At least you won’t have to reach deeper into your pockets with Total Recovery Pro.


FarStone’s Total Recovery 10 is an impressive piece of software. Its reliability and value is hard to beat. Backups and restores are brilliantly simple with this program. Those who want a hassle-free experience need to take a look at this product. If you were on the fence about purchasing Total Recovery Pro, you can now buy it with confidence.

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