Paragon Drive Copy Professional

Paragon Drive Copy Professional
Developed by: Paragon Software Group
Ranked: 3rd
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Review summary

Good points Paragon Drive Copy Professional review good points

• Easily to use with a simple interface and easy wizards

• Error-free and efficient imaging

• Excludes data you don’t want to copy.

Bad points Paragon Drive Copy Professional review bad points

• Lacking rich features

• Poor customer support

Our verdict

Paragon Drive Copy Professional will not blow customers away with flashy features and extras, but it will give customers exactly what they were looking for; which is reliable, disk imaging software. If you want a few extras surprises that you wouldn't ordinarily expect to find in a program like this, you may want to look at the products higher on our disk imaging chart. You only get the basics with Paragon Drive Copy Professional, but it does its job well.

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Installing Paragon Drive Copy Professional is as easy as it gets. After purchasing the software from the product website, simply download the setup file and launch it on your system. The install itself takes a few minutes, but there isn’t a long boring setup process to go through. After installation the program is ready to use, with no other setup required.


Performing backups is made easy with Paragon Drive Copy Professional. Users can perform regular backups to their data or simply copy their existing hard drive onto another one. Backups can be easily performed in a few clicks. Paragon Drive Copy Professional has a “Migrate OS to SSD” feature, which allows users to easily transfer their operating system, programs or data to an SSD or HDD. Entire hard drives or even entire partitions are easily backed up with this software.


In only a few clicks, users can restore their system, hard drives, or partition from an image that they created. Restoring is surprisingly quick when compared to other similar products. In our tests, Paragon Drive Copy Professional performed quite well in terms of speed and wasn’t too heavy on system resources. It’s fairly light for this type of software so don’t worry about your system crashing or heavily slowing down unless you’re on an old PC.


All imaging, transferring and recovery tools are extremely reliable on Paragon Drive Copy. Errors are very rare, but performance speed is a little slow at times. In our tests, there were zero errors other than one crash while navigating the menus on first launch. This may have been the fault of something else on our system, however. During backups and restores, there were no problems. Overall this product is efficient and will not disappoint. It gets the job done.


Virtualization– Copy your operating system and data to a virtual machine or create a virtual disk.

Burn recovery media– Create recovery media using a backup image of your hard drive. Restore problems with your system by booting your system from the restore media.

File exclude– exclude files that you don’t need copied when copying an entire hard drive or partition.

Scheduling– set times for backups to automatically be performed at a later date.

Ease of use

Paragon Drive Copy Professional not only has the appearance of simple program, but is one. On first launch, users will notice the simple interface and easy to navigate menu. Every feature in the program is explained adequately via a small description underneath each title. Users who are new to the disk imaging concept will want to give Paragon Drive Copy a try.

Help & support

The support for Paragon Drive Copy Professional is poor. It can take days to receive a response after submitting a support ticket, and after a complimentary support period, it will come at a cost. Other Disk Imaging software seems to follow the same model of charging for support, but the fact that there is no instant live-chat or phone support puts Paragon Drive Copy way behind the rest.


Paragon Drive Copy Professional is a stable, efficient disk imaging program, but doesn’t offer much more than that. If you’re looking for a basic program without minimal features cluttering up the program, this is a program you may want to pick up. It’s a good value for the $39.95 price tag, which is fairly cheap. You won’t be disappointed as long as you know what you’re getting with Paragon Drive Copy Professional.

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