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Review summary

Good points Total Defense Anti-Virus review good points

• Reduced memory footprint

• Easy installation

• Fast scanning

• Automatic scanning of USB drives

Bad points Total Defense Anti-Virus review bad points

• Poor results in independent tests

• Fewer features

Our verdict

Total Defense Anti-Virus provides a fast and efficient antivirus offering, with reported improvements to its malware capabilities. But there are still questions as to its overall effectiveness, with many independent tests giving this product the thumbs down.

Full review

CA Technologies sold its consumer antivirus division to Total Defense. Total Defense Anti-Virus is the previously-named CA Anti-virus package, now offered by this new company. Total Defense claims to have boosted its antivirus provision to provide industry-leading enhancements. Is Total Defense Anti-Virus worth a try? We checked out the software to see if it’s good for homes and small businesses.


When you download the Total Defense Anti-Virus product you get free software support. If the installation process goes wrong, or you encounter any errors in the system, Total Defense support will help iron out the problems. We found the installation process simple and relatively straightforward so we didn’t need to take advantage of the offer.

The Total Defense system has a smaller memory footprint so the processes don’t take up too much space on your computer. Total Defense is also reasonably fast, and has increased in speed since its earlier versions.


Taking a look at the type of technology Total Defense uses for its antivirus protection system, we found a cloud-based scanning system alongside malware detection and spyware-blocking technology. Total Defense protects against viruses, worms, malware and Trojans. There’s a download protector that scans all your downloads automatically and quarantines them if there are any problems.

Internet - The Total Defense team monitors global virus status and responds to threats to the internet from new virus outbreaks and spyware.


In previous tests, the CA Internet Security Suite (the antivirus program now known as Total Defense Anti-Virus) failed to get certified in the AV-Comparatives tests. The software also missed out on VB100 certification, failing tests and missing viruses. This isn’t great news for the software, and we don’t think the protection is top-of-the-range based on these results. Some labs do give Total Defense a certification, including West Coast Labs and ICSA Labs Certification. The system seems to work better at repairing damage caused by malware than actually stopping it in the first place.

Scans & updates

As you would expect from a modern antivirus program, the Total Defense Anti-Virus system gives you automatic scans and automatic upgrades. You don’t need to download new versions of the program so long as you maintain an active subscription to the service, which is useful.

Choose from quick scans that highlight the key drives and places where viruses are likely to rest, and deeper scans that give you the chance to look at the entire computer system so you can be sure you are not missing any problems.

The system automatically scans a USB when you attach it to the computer; a simple but useful touch as it protects you from viruses brought in from another PC without you having to remember to check your device.


Gamer mode – There’s not a whole lot of features in the Total Defense box but there is a gamer mode that allows you to turn off announcements while you surf the web, give a presentation or play games.

Ease of use

The interface for the Total Defense system is newly enhanced with a more intuitive outlook. The functions of the software are broken down into sections, making it easier to find what you want. The default settings on the antivirus are enough for your system to work well and be protected without any additional monitoring on your part. You can leave the program running and forget about it, in most cases.

In addition, there are extra processes and techniques you can look into if you want to set up a bespoke antivirus checking system. Download real-time reports showing the activity of the system and any alerts.

Help & support

As well as the installation support discussed above, you can also contact the Total Defense support team if you have problems when the software is up and running. You can access the support system any time, and you can use email, phone, chat or the internet forum.

In addition, we think the Total Defense online support information is useful. Access a knowledge base, a blog with the latest news, and a web community discussing issues in the forum.


Total Defense is simple to use but the protection isn’t up there with the best of the antivirus software systems. Total Defense Anti-Virus is a plain and simple antivirus protector, which means you won’t find it difficult to use, but there are better systems out there that offer better protection and more features.

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