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1Click DVD Copy
Developed by: LG Software Innovations
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Review summary

Good points 1Click DVD Copy review good points

• Features an intuitive user interface

• Equipped with a range of advanced features

• Burns copies at an extremely fast speed

Bad points 1Click DVD Copy review bad points

• Lack of customer support options

• Requires a third-party decryptor to copy movies

Our verdict

This software provides users with a range of tools and customization options to effectively copy their DVD movies. The copying speed is outstanding given the high quality copies the software produces.

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1Click DVD Copy is compatible with Windows operating systems and requires 9 GB hard disc space to install. The installation process is straight forward and only takes a few minutes to complete. Upon installation the main window of the software is launched which allows users to configure the copy settings. Basic settings can be edited through the main window, these include: file save location, which burn engine you would like to use and the option of automatically turning the software off once the copying process is completed.

Copy features

The software provides users with a few copy options. You can choose to copy the entire contents of a DVD which includes all special features such as commentary tracks and subtitles or you can exclude specific content to save disc space. 1Click DVD Copy allows you to save DVDs directly on your hard drive and lets you create copies of scratched discs.

The compression capabilities of the software are decent as it produces high quality copies while saving disc space. 1Click DVD Copy produces identical copies to the original and there is a minimal drop in quality after compressing the files. A downside to the software is the requirement of a separate decryptor, while there are several free decryptors available this requirement may confuse novice users.

Speed & quality

1Click DVD Copy produces excellent quality copies even when files are compressed. It works efficiently to burn copies and a standard DVD movie takes less than half an hour to copy. The speed this software works at sets it apart from its competitors and users will surely appreciate the time it saves them.

Ease of Use

This DVD software has an intuitive layout and the user interface should be easy to navigate for users of all experience levels. The various copy modes provided cater for both novice and experienced users as the standard copy modes simply require the user to insert the DVD and the software does the rest. The customization modes are suited to more experienced users as it allows them to configure the compression and content settings.

Help & support

Customer support is available through the Software Innovations website. There is a database of frequently asked questions and a support forum which allows users to submit questions that other users can answer. To contact support directly users will need to submit an email to the support staff. Unfortunately, there is no live chat or telephone support option so it is difficult to receive a prompt reply to urgent enquiries.


1Click DVD Copy is easy-to-use software that features an intuitive user interface, advanced copy settings and fast burning speeds. The lack of an inbuilt decryptor is a downside but overall software is equipped with all the necessary features required to efficiently copy DVD movies.

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