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DVD NeXt Copy Ultimate

DVD NeXt Copy Ultimate Review

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: DVD Next Copy
Overall rating:
Price: $69.99 $39.99 - $30 off

Review summary

Good points

 Features an easy-to-use interface

 Includes a range of useful features

 Includes a range of useful features

Bad points

 No telephone support

Our verdict

DVD Next Copy is equipped with a range of advanced features that simplify the task of copying DVDs. The software produces excellent quality copies in a small amount of time, provides decent customer support and is incredibly easy to use.

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The installation process is quick and easy. The user simply selects an install language which is followed by an automatic installation process. Once installation is completed the user is greeted with the DVD Next Copy main window which has a neat layout with a full menu on the left that allows the user to configure the software settings.

Copy features

DVD Next Copy provides a range of copying options. It allows you to: Copy any DVD movie to an iPad, iPod, PSP, PS3, Zune or to a netbook. The software also features an industry first feature that allows you to make copies of your backup copies and a copy of up to 10 DVD movies to a single Blu-ray disc. Another useful feature is the inclusion of neXT Tech technology which ensures error-free copying of the latest DVD movies.

The software supports all Dual Layer and Single layer discs, as well as both NTSC and Pal DVDs. It allows users to select which movie features they would like to include in the copy and allows the removal of commentary, subtitles and movie trailers. All movies can be saved on to the hard drive with the option of making multiple copies of any movie saved on your computer.

Devices connected to your computer are automatically detected by the software and will be available to choose from in the drop down menu. Before initiating the burning process users can fully customize by selecting the DVD features they would like the software to copy and leave out. It is easy to choose what to include in the copy as the settings menu simply requires a few clicks to leave out unnecessary features such as movie trailers, subtitles and commentary.

Speed & quality

A standard 2-hour DVD movie took about 40 minutes to complete, which is quite impressive in comparison to other DVD copying software speeds. The copying quality is excellent and is complemented by neXT Tech technology which ensures that high quality is maintained throughout the copying process.

Ease of Use

DVD Next Copy is equipped with many advanced features but it manages to maintain a high level of user friendliness. Novice users will greatly benefit from the usability provided by this software as it makes copying DVD movies an easy task. The user simply inserts a DVD into the computer, selects the desired movie from the menu and clicks the ‘start’ button to engage the copying process. Of course, users can also adjust the copying settings such as whether or not to include menus or subtitles. Once the copying process is initiated, DVD Next Copy will display a progress screen which shows information such as the status of the process and remaining time. Users can also access the help menu via the main screen which provides information on various different functions of the software.

Help & support

Customer support is available via the DVD Next Copy website where users can access a database of frequently asked questions, user guides and other useful information about the software. The support staff can be contacted directly via email by submitting an online ticket. Customer support response time is prompt and a reply is usually received within 24 hours. A slight downside is the lack of a telephone support or live chat option as customers would benefit from being able to receive instant replies for urgent enquiries.


DVD Next Copy is an impressive piece of software that excels in a range of areas. It makes copying DVD movies a quick and easy task, produces flawless movie copies and maintains a high level of usability while providing advanced DVD copying features. If you are after easy-to-use DVD copying software that still provides advanced features then DVD Next Copy is definitely worth your consideration.

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