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Allway Sync

Allway Sync Review

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: Botkind
Overall rating:
Price: $19.95

Review summary

Good points

 Features a good range of features

 Effectively synchronizes data in a secure manner

 Basic functions are easy-to-use

Bad points

 Poor customer support

 Software has a steep learning curve

 User interface is cluttered and difficult to use

Our verdict

Allway Sync has a steep learning curve but is equipped with a powerful set of features that allow you to easily synchronize files and backup data. If you are willing to learn how to use the software then it can prove to be a fruitful experience.

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The setup process is straight forward. Once installation is complete the software will launch and allow the user to configure the synchronization settings before executing the initial transfer of files from one device to another. We had no problems during the installation and setup process; however novice users may experience some difficulty in configuring advanced synchronization settings. Although there is some documentation available on the Allway Sync website it is not sufficient for new users.


Allway Sync is equipped with advanced sync options and can operate in numerous environments. It can work effectively on a home network and can sync data across multiple office computers. The software provides users with basic backup functionalities which form the program’s “one-way” mode and it is capable of two way transfers which syncs data across multiple computers. There is no size limit on data transfers and the software provides failsafe features which restore a previous version of the file in the case that it gets corrupted or deleted by accident.

Basic functions such as backing up data or simple one way transfers are quick and easy, with the option of automatically conducting these tasks via the scheduler. There is no doubt that the software has a rich feature set that combine together to form a powerful file sync program, the only issue is that the more advanced features require some level of experience to fully utilize.

Ease of use

The software is quite easy to use when conducting basic operations, but some of the more advanced settings such as configuring a network or conducting three-way synchronizations can be a very difficult proposition for novice users. While the user interface is fairly simple to navigate it is cluttered with numerous options and menus that can make it difficult to find specific synchronization settings. Overall, the user interface needs work as it is not straight forward to use and the lack of support documents provided make the learning process even more difficult.

Help & support

Allway Sync’s website provides users with solutions to basic problems and covers some useful information in regards to the proper use of the software. There is also a frequently asked questions area which provides solutions to commonly encountered problems. If you need to contact support directly there is an email tech support option provided but expect a delay before you get a response if you do email them. Unfortunately there is no phone support option or live chat feature so it can be difficult to get a quick response from the customer support team.


Once you look past the cluttered user interface, Allway Sync actually provides a decent range of features and is a powerful tool for users who are willing to learn how to use it. The software is reliable, effectively syncs data in a secure manner and it efficiently verifies and backs up data. If you aren’t thrown off by the user interface this software is definitely worth your consideration.

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