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Syncovery Review

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: Super Flexible Software
Overall rating:
Price: $34.90

Review summary

Good points

 Features a decent range of tools

 Effectively synchronizes data across multiple computers

 Excels at drive-to-drive data transfers

 Good customer support

Bad points

 Advanced features have a steep learning curve

 Email support can be unresponsive at times

Our verdict

Syncovery is decent all round file sync software that is equipped with a wide-range of useful features. With the easy-to-use interface and excellent customer support this software is highly recommended for users of all experience levels.

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Setting up the software is quick and easy. Once the installation is complete the user will be prompted to select which files and folders they would like to sync; the user can also configure the synchronization settings to suit their requirements.


Syncovery is capable of bi-directional syncs, storing files and remotely synchronizing them to multiple networks. It can also back-up files and includes a scheduler that automatically synchronizes data on an external storage device at a chosen time every day. The software also features some unique tools, such as SmartTracking which is designed for two-way synchronizations and keeps a database of all files to ensure that files are safe from accidental deletion.

Another synchronization feature included in the software is the ability to copy locked files which can come in handy if you have a slow internet connection. The profile configuration options allow users to setup individual profiles for different tasks with the option of configuring the synchronization settings for each profile.

Ease of use

The software has a fairly straight forward user interface that is easy to navigate. Conducting basic functions such as syncing data between two computers and backing up files are very easy with Syncovery and novice users should have no problems in using the software for the most part. Some of the more advanced functions can have a steep learning curve and will be difficult to configure for novice users, but with the available documentation and support options even the most novice users should be able to grasp the majority of the operations involved with the software.

Help & support

Syncovery's website provides users with a number of support options. There is a database of frequently asked questions which contain solutions to commonly encountered problems and a knowledgebase featuring useful support information. Customer support can be contacted directly via email or telephone. The customer support team is responsive and helpful in solving any enquires users may have.


If you are after a file synchronization program that has a well-balanced range of features and is easy-to-use then Syncovery will fulfill your needs. The software is equipped with all the necessary tools required to safely synchronize your data across computers and excels at drive-to-drive data transfers which makes it solid file sync software to consider using.

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