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PCsync Review

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: Laplink Software
Overall rating:
Price: $39.95

Review summary

Good points

 Features an easy-to-use interface

 Automates the process of migrating data

 Effectively syncs data across computers

 Supports Mac synchronization

Bad points

 No mobile access

 Lack of customer support

Our verdict

If you are after software that is straight forward to use and securely syncs your data across multiple computers then PCsync is for you. It features an easy to use interface, a range of useful tools and effectively synchronizes your data.

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PCsync requires 10 MB hard disk space and is compatible with Windows 10 | 8.1 | 8 | 7 | Vista | XP operating systems. The installation and setup process is quick and easy. Once the software is installed the user can start configuring the settings and choosing which files and folders they would like to synchronize.


The software offers a range of synchronization options. It is equipped with basic backup abilities and data transfer option, as well as SmartXChange synchronization that defines and tracks the synchronization of files between two computers. This also ensures that transferred data does not replace data on a different machine. Additionally, the software has a nifty little feature that allows the user to sync multiple files and folders in one process.

Synchronization and backup processes can be automated by setting up the scheduler option which allows the user to set specific intervals at which the software syncs the data. Another useful feature for saving time is simultaneously synchronizing data across multiple machines in one process. The software also provides users with a USB cable that can be used as an alternative to syncing data via a LAN cable.

Ease of use

PCsync has an easy-to-use visual interface that is neatly organized into various tabs. The uncluttered user interface makes it easy for users to navigate the software and configure the settings as they desire. Properly configuring local network may be a difficult proposition for users with limited computer knowledge but with the help available most users should be able to successfully set up a local network.

Once the network is setup the software can automate the entire synchronization process via a scheduler which is very easy to setup. The dual window mode makes it easy for users to drag files and folders into the location of their choice. If any problems are encountered with using the software then the amount of documentation available through the website should be sufficient for most users to troubleshoot most issues themselves.

Help & support

There are a number of customer support options available. Users can access an online knowledgebase through the Laplink website which contains detailed articles explaining various processes involved in using the software. There is also a database of frequently asked questions which provides solutions to commonly encountered problems. Customer support can be directly contacted via email or live chat support.


The main issues associated with synchronizing data across different computers are security and time consumption. Users are constantly after a convenient and safe method of syncing their data across computers, and PCsync is exactly that. The software provides users with a range of features to automate the processes involved in syncing data and does so in a secure manner. The software is easy to use and is definitely recommended for users of all experience levels.

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