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ViceVersa Review

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: TGRMN Software
Overall rating:
Price: $59.95

Review summary

Good points

 Fairly straight forward user interface

 Effectively syncs data across multiple computers

 Has a decent range of features

Bad points

 Advanced features are difficult to master

 Limited customer support options

Our verdict

This software is designed to streamline the process of syncing data across computers. With its straight forward user interface and variety of features ViceVersa is a solid all round option for both experienced and novice users.

Full review


ViceVersa has a straight forward installation process that takes a few minutes to complete. Once the installation is complete the user can begin setting up the software. Upon booting it up, the software will prompt the user to select which files and folders they would like to sync and create backups of.


A range of synchronization options are available, varying from basic to more advanced features. Basic synchronization across computers is a fairly quick and easy process with the user simply having to select which files and folders they would like to synch. ViceVersa includes a nifty little feature that shows a side-by-side view of the status of our files. All files and folders being synced are verified to ensure that files aren’t accidently overwritten.

ViceVersa has a decent scheduler which allows users to define specific times at which the software should conduct backup and synchronization processes. This automates a number of processes and saves a lot of time. The backup process involves the software scanning files following every synchronization task and creating copies of files that have been changed so that the user can restore previous versions of files if required.

Ease of use

The software features a fairly straight forward user interface that can be improved upon to be more suitable for novice users. Most of the settings are easily configurable and the software’s basic synchronization features are simple to use. All the user has to do is select which files and folders they would like to transfer and choose which location they would like the files to be transferred to. The main problem lies within the more advanced features, which can be difficult to customize without the help of support documentation. The advanced features will be difficult to configure for novice users, as such the user interface does have room for improvement.

Help & support

Customers can access a database of frequently asked questions and a knowledgebase containing instructions on how to operate the software. While the documentation available through the website is helpful it doesn’t cover some specific issues users may experience. In order to get direct customer support users can only contact the support staff via email which can be a bit unresponsive. Unfortunately, there is no live chat support or telephone support options so it can be difficult to get a quick response to an urgent enquiry.


ViceVersa is equipped with all the essential tools required for users to sync their data across multiple computers in a secure and efficient manner. While some of the features can be difficult to configure for novice users, overall the user interface is straight forward and the settings are easy to configure.

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