Fix-It Utilities 15 Professional

Fix-It Utilities 15 Professional
Developed by: Avanquest
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Claiming to be the number one disk utility suite for ten years running, we wanted to give this hotshot a try. We installed some rubbish and trashed the computer with small cookies and viruses pre-installation, so we could get a taste of Fix-It Utilities 15 Professional.

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Setting up the utility software was pretty easy, we found after we added the product key the program did the rest and we didn’t have any troubles in the installation.

The size of the installation was no problem either, for all the utilities you are getting; we gladly gave the program its small space.


There are a lot of different optimisation tools, there are the basic defrag and disc cleaners and there are optimisers for internet speeds and Windows programs, so you can load your internet at a more consistent speed.

Optimisation helped speed up the computer on the Windows side of things, the internet actually got slower for a while, but we managed to reset the changes.

The optimisation tools work very well and it isn’t hard to understand how to work each specific tool, the optimisation is the largest part of the utilities program.


Security is simply looking after what comes in and out your firewall, there isn’t any fancy safes for your documents or other security programs we’ve seen in other utility software.

What you can do on security is check out what is coming in and out your network and see if any malicious content is being passed through.

We found that security was on a whole quite a tedious area, it just shows you all that your firewall has stopped, like a databank of information you probably never want to see again.


This is a more packed area – maintenance has many tools that you can use to keep your computer running fast and keep all that unwanted junk out of your system.

Most of the maintenance features are clean-ups or recoveries, with a few cool features that we’ve added into the feature box.

Incredibly, this is one of the best ways to maintain your computer, it has brilliant features and we really noticed changes in our system speeds and how clean our system was once we finished.

Even though we discredited the security part, the maintenance part certainly made up for it.


Full Optimisation – This gives you an easy way to check all the problems on your computer, the problem is it takes about fifteen minutes to finish the scan, not great if you are quickly looking to combat infections on your computer.

Shredding – This is a fun new tool and a way to destroy documents of importance if you never want anyone to find them. Shredding makes the document be destroyed and fully out your system.

Ease of Use

We found this application to be one of the better ones in terms of ease and of interface. While most utility software interfaces look like they haven’t changed since the 1990’s, this one looked new and fresh.

It was also alive; there was many figures that changed automatically without closing and re-opening the application.

We found our way around every application easily on the Systemsuite – there wasn’t anything that struck us as hard or that we would need help on, of course this may differ if you have never used utility software.

Help & Support

There is help on hand in the application and you can use it whenever you want, this includes help sheets and emergency help guides.

The support is really good and there is on-hand support for you if the application is really hard to understand or if you are detecting some faults in the application.


We found that Fix-It Utilities 15 Professional had a lot of good tools to offer, but didn’t match some of the other utilities we’ve tried and tested in content. We felt that the fancy interface took away some of the content that we could have used, maybe in time they’ll add more.

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