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Systweak Advanced System Optimizer

Systweak Advanced System Optimizer Review

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: Systweak
Overall rating:
Price: $49.95

Review summary

Good points

 Dramatically increases startup times

 Powerful system utility tools

 Uses only a negligible amount of system resources

 Protects against spyware

 Exceptional support options

Bad points

Our verdict

If you are looking for software that provides a wide variety of system utilities you cannot go wrong with Systweak Advanced System Optimizer. This is an excellent system utilities suite that fully deserves our top ranking.

Full review

Systweak develops several different types of system utility applications - Advanced System Optimizer is a comprehensive collection of their offerings that is claimed to provide PC users with everything needed to maintain and optimize their computers. We were eager to install it and find out how well it could perform.


Advanced System Optimizer is quick and easy to install. In fact, for such comprehensive system utility software, it installs surprisingly fast. On our test PC, the complete installation took less than 2 minutes, and we did not run into any issues.

The unregistered version of the software will scan your PC for problems, but won't fix anything. You will need to purchase a serial key for that to happen.


When it comes to repair, Advanced System Optimizer has plenty to offer. It cleans and compacts the Windows registry, but it also updates outdated drivers. The registry-repair functionality reduces instances of crashes and other errors, and the driver updater ensures that hardware is utilized effectively. These repair features ensure that Windows will operate as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

Also included is a PC Fixer, a utility that checks systems for common Windows-related issues. When these common problems are detected, the utility takes action and resolves them to increase system stability and performance.


To keep systems running smoothly, Advanced System Optimizer provides utilities that defragment hard drives, optimize memory usage, and remove duplicate files. These utilities ensure that users' hardware runs optimally, and they also keep unnecessary files from taking up valuable hard-drive space.


Advanced System Optimizer makes it easy for users to manage their systems easily. It includes fully functional startup and uninstalls managers. The startup manager is used to remove unnecessary programs from the system startup, and it can increase boot time by a significant amount. The uninstall manager is essentially the same as the uninstall function found in the Windows control panel, but it does provide users with some added convenience.

Advanced System Optimizer can also be used to manage drivers. It scans systems to ensure that the drivers installed are up to date. If they are not, it installs the latest drivers quickly and easily.


Advanced System Optimizer includes a wide range of security features. Its system protector component keeps computers safe from spyware. It runs constantly, checking system processes for signs of infection. In most cases, the system protector will catch spyware before it has time to cause any damage. Its encryption tool can be used to convert sensitive documents into a format that is unreadable by those without the password. One of our favorite utilities, the file shredder, is capable of removing files from hard drives so thoroughly that even computer professionals cannot possibly recover them.


Smart PC Care – This feature optimizes systems in a single click. It scans for spyware, unnecessary data, outdated drivers, and registry errors. It automatically fixes any issues that it finds. This scan-and-repair process can be run manually or it can be scheduled to run regularly.

Game optimizer – This handy feature was designed to remove all distractions, leaving users with their game and nothing else. It also reallocates system memory to ensure that games run as smoothly as possible.

Disk tools – Disk tools scans hard drives for sector errors. It then tries to recover any readable data that it finds in those bad sectors.

Ease of use

Advanced System Optimizer is extremely easy to use, especially for a complete system utility application. Its features are conveniently categorized and easily accessible. With its default settings in place, Advanced System Optimizer is capable of resolving most issues easily, not even PC novices will have problems. However, for those who like to tweak their system utility software, Advanced System Optimizer offers a wide variety of customization options.

Help & support

Systweak provides its customers with great support. Their website has a dedicated support section that features a knowledge base, an FAQ, and a newsletter. Systweak's support staff also responds to support inquiries via telephone and e-mail, and the toll-free support number is conveniently listed in the upper-right corner of Advanced System Optimizer's window.


With everything needed to protect, update, and optimize modern computers, Systweak Advanced System Optimizer is an excellent choice for those interested in comprehensive system utility software. Not only are the utilities included in this software numerous, but they are also first-rate.

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