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Total Defense PC Tune-Up Review

Total Defense PC Tune-Up
Developed by: Total Defense
Ranked: 5th
Overall rating:
Best price: $49.99 $29.99 - $20 off

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Review summary

Good points Total Defense PC Tune-Up review good points

• Easy to use

• Effectively improves system performance

• Good customer support

Bad points Total Defense PC Tune-Up review bad points

• Lack of advanced features

• A little on the expensive side

Our verdict

Total Defense PC Tune-Up is equipped with essential features that allow you to detect and fix any errors in your system to increase performance.

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The setup process is quick and easy. Once the installation is complete, the software will run an initial scan to test your computer’s current performance. Of course, the user has the option of selecting which areas they would like to include in the scan.


The software is capable of restoring previously deleted files, repairing the registry, fixing hard drive errors, and restoring system settings. An easy to use scan process scans the entire computer and fixes any detected errors in the registry, defragments the hard drive, and increases the overall system performance. All these tools are available in the intuitive user interface which also informs the user when the software has detected the need for repairs in certain locations.


There are several optimization tools available in the software. The start-up manager allows the user to select which applications should launch upon boot up and the registry optimization wizard scans and fixes registry errors to speed up the system performance. A simple PC optimization scan can apply tweaks and modifications in areas of need to improve system performance.


Total Defense PC offers a range of management tools that allow you to control how the software functions. A start-up manager allows you to select which applications you would like to run upon boot up, while the uninstall application allows you to remove applications installed on your computer. The software makes it easy to remove unused programs and makes recommendations on disabling unnecessary background processes to improve system performance.


The software allows you to monitor your network for any malicious content being exchanged, but as a whole, the software lacks any detailed security measures. It shows you what security applications you have installed and informs the user when the firewall is turned off, but it doesn’t offer any advanced document safes or security tools.


Internet Optimization analyses your internet settings and applies relevant modifications to improve your browsing experience.

Remote Scheduling allows you to remotely schedule scans and other functions on your PC. It’s particularly useful for people on the go as it allows them to keep their PC error-free from a remote location.

Ease of use

The software is incredibly easy to use as it has an intuitive user interface that is comfortable to use for both novice and experienced users. An adequate amount of help is accessible through the user interface for any inquiries regarding the function of the features but that is rarely required since all the features and settings are fairly straightforward to use. The one-click scan processes allow users to simply scan the entire computer without having to specify what the software should be looking for.

Help & support

There are plenty of support options are available for customers. A phone support option allows customers to seek technical assistance and help with setting up the software. Customers can also access a FAQs database and contact a support staff member directly via email if they have any further questions. Customer service is prompt and useful in sorting out any problems with the software.


Total Defence PC Tune-up is an effective collaboration of a range of utilities to improve system performance. The software works efficiently to iron out any errors in the system and effectively improves system performance. As such, this software is definitely worth your consideration if you are after decent tools and utilities to improve your system performance.

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Ratings breakdown

 received a rating of 4 for Overall
 received a rating of 4 for Setup
 received a rating of 4 for Repair
 received a rating of 3 for Optimization
 received a rating of 3 for Management
 received a rating of 4 for Security
 received a rating of 3 for Features
Ease of use
 received a rating of 3 for Ease of use
Help & support
 received a rating of 4 for Help & support