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ESET Internet Security

ESET Internet Security Review

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: ESET
Overall rating:
Price: $49.99

Review summary

Good points

 Excellent malware detection and removal

 High-level security at relatively low cost

 Excellent performance speeds

 Intelligent firewall that is easy to use

Bad points

 Slow installation and initial scanning speeds

 Navigation can be tricky

Our verdict

With ESET Internet Security, you get all the usual anti-virus and spyware protection, plus top-notch detection and an neatly intelligent firewall. Plus, it's competitively priced, which compensates for the lack of additional features or trimmings, but the basic security features are of the highest quality.

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While installation is fairly simple, and registration is carried out from the suite, as a pose to the browser, the initial setup was actually slower than expected. While not the slowest out there, it can't quite compete with the sub one minute installations you get from the Norton ranges. Still, it is simple enough and shouldn't cause the average user too many problems.


Anti-virus - ESET Internet Security detects the usual viruses, spyware, keyloggers, adware, spam, Trojans and phishers effectively, while the adaptive ThreatSense technology used by ESET should combat any emerging threats that hackers may employ. ESET uses a cloud based malware detection engine. This compares your data to trusted files compiled by ESET, gathered from over 100 million ESET users, and in turn, leads to quicker and more accurate malware detection.

Firewall - Using the advanced settings it is possible to customize the firewall's behavior and manage intrusion detection. This intelligent firewall very quickly learns how your computer is used, and adapts extremely well to give better, uninterupted internet browsing.

Parental Controls - Using the parental control tools provided you can restrict access to websites by a specific category (such as adult, gambling, shopping etc.) or by individual URLs. You can also manage and restrict how much time your child spends online.


AV-Comparatives awarded ESET "ADVANCED" in their "Real-World Protection Test" for June 2023.

ESET does not appear in the latest round of lab tests by AV-TEST.


Gamer Mode - Allows uninterrupted streaming and game playing, as with this mode activated, ESET Internet Security will pause any scans and halt notifications.

Removable Media Control - Allows you to prevent malware infection from USB keys and external drives, by blocking device ID.

Training – Useful tips and techniques via ESET Cybersecurity training, that uses real world crime scenarios to train and help make your online experience even safer.

Ease of use

The interface layout has barely changed since the last version, and it is still not the easiest suite to navigate for even the most discerning user. Given the length of time between the previous and latest release of ESET Internet Security, it is surprising that ESET have not ironed out these little annoyances and made a more user-friendly navigation system.

Help & support

One negative is that do not provide live chat support, which we would have welcomed here. Extensive online support is provided in the way of a user guides, updates, a user forum, articles, educational videos, support news and more. As with most large companies these days, ESET make you go through their online support before you can contact them directly.


Overall we would say that if you are looking for a solid, no frills internet security suite that is light on ancillary features but heavy on core performance, you could do far worse than the ESET Internet Security, especially taking into consideration the low price compared to it’s major competitors.

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