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Trend Micro Internet Security

Trend Micro Internet Security Review

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: Trend Micro
Overall rating:
Price: $79.95 $39.95 - $40 off

Review summary

Good points

 Simple, user-friendly interface

 Excellent parental controls

 Lightweight package

Bad points

 No social network or mobile support

 Light on features & advanced options

 Malware removal could be better

Our verdict

Trend Micro have produced a lightweight, easy to use security suite that is aimed at protection for the whole family. Excellent parental controls, a good level of security and a low price tag, make this the perfect package for parents or the average user.

Full review

Trend Micro Internet Security, is the mid-level package in Trend Micro’s range, falling between the Antivirus+ and the Maximum Security, this package is classified by Trend Micro as ‘Advanced’. Let’s take a look below to see what changes Trend Micro have made this year.


Installation of Trend Micro Internet Security was a breeze on our machine, installing in a couple of minutes with very little difficulty. The interface employed here is very user-friendly, with a simple, clean look that is very easy to navigate. It doesn’t have some of the more advanced options or configurations that a lot of internet security suites now carry, which on the one hand, will disappoint more advanced users, but for less-advanced users this is a huge plus, as some suite’s interfaces can be intimidating. It seems that Trend Micro Internet Security is aimed towards protection for a family, and the interface therefore will be a hit with parents that just want to install and run security with little technical know-how.


As with the majority of suite’s we are looking at this year, Trend Micro Internet Security employs cloud-based technology to combat emerging threats before they reach your computer. It protects against viruses, Trojans, Spyware, malware and malicious links effectively.

Firewall - Trend have again opted to not include a Firewall in this suite, and have continued along the same path as previous releases, with an integrated system that uses Microsoft Windows Firewall along with the suite’s defences. Trend Micro Internet Security uses a Firewall booster that activates the network-level Firewall in Windows, to improve protection further. None of this is a real issue, as the Firewalls in recent versions of Windows are excellent and the suite integrates well with these.

Parental controls - Offers some of the best parental control tools we have seen this year so far. Profiles can be created for each individual family member, allowing parents to configure website filters and different protection options, based on the age of their child. This enables the parent to block specific websites, and also set the profile so as to allow emailing, but restrict or block instant messaging and chat. All profiles are password protected so the child cannot change the settings.

Effectiveness rated Trend Micro Internet Security as ‘Advanced’. have so far only tested the Maximum Security suite in the range, which was scored at 13.5 out of 18 points, with the software losing points on the removal section.


Trend Micro Internet Security had little impact on our computer’s boot time, adding only a few seconds to start up. The same was true of shutdown speeds, with Trend Micro’s suite having the least effect of any suite on this time in our tests. The quick scan employed on this suite was the fastest of any quick scans we have tested this year, and during the full scans we ran, browsing speed was barely affected, making this the ideal package if scanning speeds and computer performance are your main priorities.


Data Theft Prevention tool – Stops protected data from going into webpages, emails or instant messages. Users can enter part of the information, for example the last four digits of a credit card, and this can prevent Spyware from getting the whole number.

Trend Micro Vault – A remote file lock that can seal off files if your laptop has been stolen.

Help & support

Support for Trend Micro Internet Security comes in the way of comprehensive support information on their website, which includes instructional videos, malware removal tools and a threat encyclopedia. 24/7 email support is available, and telephone support is available during standard working hours.


In short, this is a great security suite for users who want to install and protect their computer with minimum fuss or effort. The parental controls are fantastic, and combined with the low price, this will be a very attractive package for families. Advanced users may be put off by the lack of features, but the core security of the suite is still well above average.

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